Ghana’s vision is to become a major logistics centre in the West-Central Africa Sub-region. If Ghana is to become successful among other aspiring logistics centres in the sub-region, it is important to provide an adequate infrastructure and sufficient manpower for the various services related to transportation of cargoes and logistics management. Also individual companies must enhance the efficiency and quality of their services in order to survive in a competitive logistics business environment.

The Institute's training programmes are aimed at providing training to middle-level and front-line executives in the various services related to shipping, distribution, freight forwarding and logistics management. To ensure GIFF members are equipped with the appropriate skills required for effective performance of their jobs. The Institute also carries out other training programs for its members when needed. GIFF's training capability has been enhanced by a Technical Aid in the form of a "Train - the - Trainer" (TOT) programme from FIATA which enabled a team of FIATA International facilitators to train a core of personnel who now form the backbone for GIFF's training Programs.

GIFF offers a Certificate and Diploma course in freight forwarding and a Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management, at its classrooms in Tema, KIA and Takoradi. All courses offered by the institute may be Web enhanced through the use of a password-protected learning management system accessible through GIFF online portal. Web enhancements may include posting the course syllabus, contact information and printable handouts; hosting online discussions; and conducting assessments — all from the digital classroom.

All courses are developed and taught by GIFF faculty and are offered for certification under the authority and accreditation of FIATA – the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association.
Application and admission policies and procedures for GIFF courses are available on request or can be read here.  GIFF- Education facilities include well-equipped classrooms  GIFF staff encourage trainees to communicate and socialize with their peers via course discussions, e-mail.

The digital community provides a forum where GIFF trainees can participate in college happenings and discussion through online communities.

The Institute has chalked some remarkable successes in the global freight forwarding education sector. Click here for available statistics



The GIFF programs specify that each program will provide trainees with the skills related to the Freight Forwarding industry. It ensures that graduates are immediately employable in the freight forwarding industry and are capable to advance in employment through the ability to continuously learn and reflect on their learning, and are in addition ethically competent in their community and country.

All GIFF courses have been validated by FIATA's Advisory Body for Vocational Training. (ABVT) ensuring compliance with the FIATA Minimum Standards (FMST). The FIATA ABVT is the knowledge centre of professional education within FIATA and has been so since 1996 and  has continuously worked to build up a solid reputation as a major contributor to the development of training in the freight forwarding industry. It operates as a knowledge champion in the international freight forwarding and supply chain management fields. ABVT has developed significant tools to maintain and elevate the standards of the industry:

The FIATA Minimum Standards to obtain the FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding, the Minimum Standards to obtain the FIATA Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management and the FIATA Minimum Standards for Train-the-Trainer /Andragogy fundamentals are used to benchmark the training programmes validated by ABVT.