Advisory Body on Airfreight

The Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF) has since its establishment sought to define, craft and promote the role of the forwarder in international movement of air cargo. GIFF’s success has been largely due  to its proactive posture on issues which impact on the international airfreight forwarding. The GIFF Advisory Body on Airfreight (GABA) has therefore been duly re-constituted. Terms of reference and other details are as under:

The GIFF Advisory Body on Airfreight shall deal with all issues concerning Airfreight  that  affect the freight forwarding industry locally.

A.  Purpose & Objective (Strategic & Market Development Oversight)

The aim and objective of the GIFF Advisory Body on Airfreight is to provide Strategic Guidance, Advice & Oversight for development of the Airfreight sector of Ghana & provide due roll in GIFF dispute resolution.

B. Advisory Body Mandate

The duly constituted Advisory Body on Airfreight shall:

  • Keep freight forwarders advised of legislative developments and their implementation where it may impact their activities locally.
  • Review & suggest measures for developing the sector and promoting best industry practices.
  • Advice, receive and initiate policy decisions for the Institute.
  •   Prepare and consider papers on topics relating to product/ market development and advice on the policies and practices for the same and onward submission to  Council.
  •   Address all airfreight issues that are of concern to the freight forwarding industry and reports on the work.
  • Respond to requests from practitioners in this sector, the Executive Council  and other committees and panels for advice and recommendations on issues and, where necessary, raise with any organization or individual issues with which that organization or individual may be able to assist.
  •   Examine & suggest any other relevant issues having a bearing on the airfreight industry

The Advisory Body  will fulfill this role by:

  • Taking a leading role in informing and assisting members regarding the various national government security programs in the airfreight sector.
  • Keeping the local freight forwarding industry up to date concerning ongoing talks with and the decisions of the bodies involved in policy making in airfreight.
  • Meeting on a regular basis with planned agendas and minutes of proceedings; and
  • Publishing a summary of its work from time to time on the GIFF website by way of summary minutes of its meetings or an annual summary.





(a)   The Chairman will oversee the efficient and effective operation of the Body in accordance with these Terms of Reference.

(b)   In fulfilling these duties The Chairman will use best endeavors to act independently with due regard for the interests of all managing and members’ agents, and in accordance with any legal or regulatory requirements.

(c)   In particular, the Chairman (with the assistance of a secretary who will be appointed by the National Secretariat) shall ensure that the Body conducts its business in accordance with the requirements of GIFF meeting procedures.

(d)  The Chairman, after consultation with all Body members present at any relevant meeting, shall take the ultimate decision regarding the following matters:

            (i)  which issues to be escalated to the attention of any of the other Committees and via them to the attention of the Executive Council.

            (ii) any decision where a quorate vote of Members is inconclusive.



The Chairman will be nominated by Council from amongst the Members of the Body basis on the following criteria.

He/she will have:

  • Relevant experience/criteria
  • Broad experience of the sector
  • Recognized authority among practitioners in the sector
  • Ability to represent practitioners’ interests to external bodies
  • Reputation for fairness and integrity
  • Technical knowledge

A Vice Chairman will also be selected by Council who will act when the substantive chairman is absent at meetings.

The Chairman will normally retire every 2 year(s), but will be eligible for re-nomination.



1) Chairman,- Kwabena Ofosu-Appiah                    

2) Vice Chairman – Daniel Mckorley          

3) Member -  Kwabena Amponsah

4) Member – Paul Ziorklui

5) Member – Alberta Ahenkorah

6) Member -. Saviour Baron Dzuali