Mission Statement

The Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders thrives to provide the highest standard of Consultancy and Services to our members and their customers, for the benefit and enhancement of Ghana's Trade activities, by providing the most reliable resource pool for freight forwarding services in the country and for its members to be recognized as a model of excellence. The mission statement is effected through the GIFF CONSTITUTION

Our Vision is thus

To facilitate Ghana’s international trade by providing a body of professional freight forwarding agencies, committed to meeting every client's needs?.


Quality Statement

The INSTITUTE ensures its members give first priority  to customer's precise requirements and provide Clients with services of the highest quality, at a competitive cost, through a highly motivated, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced work force combined with team work spirit.

Being fully aware that success of Ghana's Freight Forwarding business is mostly on Customer's satisfaction, GIFF does whatever necessary to ensure its members achieve a 100% customer satisfaction  Customer complaints to our various secretariats are taken seriously and followed up for improvement. Customer's feed back are personally looked after by the highest level of management to ensure that process of continuous improvement is in place and fully committed to constantly re-evaluating and improving performance, service  and products offered by our members. Our Objective is to provide the best possible to our members' Clients and reduce Customer complains to nil.

GIFF strives  to ensure that the services offered by our members exceed their Client's needs and expectations and maintain relation with Clients beyond requirements of business protocols. 

We also believe that since today's success is tomorrow's progress there should be no end to perfection. Continuous training of our members and upgrading of logistic methodology should therefore be an inseparable part of the Freight Forwarding business

To ensure these

  • GIFF develops Ghana's Freight Forwarding practices to be in line with recognized International Standards by developing Freight Forwarding performance and professional standards.
  • The Institute conducts research and studies for Trade Facilitation reforms for Ghana's economic benefit.
  • GIFF builds and maints  strategic relationships with the various industry stakeholder organizations and through advocacy for reforms and modernization of the country's trade facilitation machinery