Elubo District

As the local branch of GIFF, one of our goals is to provide members and the general public with timely information about local issues in Ghana’s international trade sector. Working in concert with the National Secretariat, the district provides local input into the issues being championed by the National Office. As well, it advocates for issues in the Elubo area. As well, it contributes to community initiatives by the National body. The district holds monthly Membership Meetings in an effort to foster a close relationship with those who matter most – our members.

The secretariat is headed by Ms. Abigail Benyayo with a supporting staff.  Being the nerve-centre of the District, it has corporate records of all its members; their office locations, telephone numbers, postal and e-mail addresses.


SIMON OBENG CHAIRMAN  0244502844 yophegie@yahoo.com
JACOB L. LAWER SECRETARY 0244837882 teswesta@yahoo.com
GEOFFREY AGBOHLAH ASST. SECRETARY 0547882923 agbohlah@ghanafreightforwarders.org
NICHOLAS KYEADE TREASURER 024481490 richpatcompany@yahoo.com
MATTHEW DJEKE EXE. MEMBER 0243306097 mathdje@yahoo.com
JOHN ESSEL EXE. MEMBER 0244430458 johnfredessel@yahoo.com
NANA YEBOAH COUNCIL MEMBER 0208371111 blessedyako@yahoo.com
JOHN ADU JACK                            0208371111 jakyfreightlogistics@gmail.com